Installation Deprixa Pro Version 7.5.1

General Requirements

PDO is the acronym in English for PHP Data Objects. And functionally speaking, it is the set of native PHP functionalities that allow us to fluidly handle connections and manipulate data from a database engine.

Deprixa pro is developed in this beautiful native PHP and PDO programming language, therefore some extensions are not activated in most local and web servers and it is important to take into account the following extensions so that the Deprixa pro script works correctly:

PHP >= 7.3 Recommended
Curl Enabled
helpers/.lic File Permission
helpers/license_lb_helper.php File Permission
JSON PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

Quick Installation Guide

 Create database

Create a MySql Database via your web hosting providers Control Panel (e.g. cPanel). Once you have created the database, remember the following information:

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password
  • Database Host

Download files

You must enter your account in codecanyon and download the Deprixa pro file.

 Upload files

Using FTP Client or directly on your server you upload all the files in the application folder

Very important
  • File permission:
    • helpers/.lic File Permission (chmod 7777) -->give permission to this file when you finish the installationgive permission to this file when you finish the installation
    •  helpers/license_lb_helper.php File Permission (chmod 7777)

Step-by-step installation

  • STEP 1: Open your web browser and enter your url ( or if files is in your sub directory enter your url with directory name like in the address bar.

  • STEP 2: It is important to enter your CODECANYON account and download the txt or pdf file to copy the purchase code and activate your DEPRIXA PRO product.

  • STEP 3: With the database already created, enter the corresponding information provided by your web server or localhost.
    You must allow all privileges when creating the user for the database.
    When entering all your correct data you give the import button and automatically all the database tables are installed and by default the USER and PASSWORD are the following
  • USERNAME: admin
  • PASSWORD: 09731

Envato purchase code is invalid

Envato purchase code is invalid, please contact support!
When this error occurs there may be several possibilities and they are the following.
  • Wrong purchase code and user
  • Invalid or blocked purchase code
  • Invalid or bad codecanyon user

Server is unavailable at the moment

Server is unavailable at the moment, please try again
When this error occurs there may be several possibilities and they are the following.
  • When the verification connection is generated the internet is slow
  • The ip address of the client's server has some blockage for security, you should ask your hosting provider for help
  • Some servers in specific countries the servers have blocks from other countries that do not allow connection to verify APIS, in this case you should ask your hosting provider for help to remove that restriction.
    The web servers have 2 IP's must be blocked or they have no restriction